Where Not to Park Your Lexus in Portland

A Survey of Vehicle Crime Hotspots by Neighborhood

By Steve Decatur @SD79pdx

We’re very lucky to live in such a safe city. Compared to most, Portland has a relatively low crime rate. And besides bike theft – the most common crime around here – there’s not too much to worry about. In fact, the city of roses was even rated the 6th safest city for families with young children.

However, that doesn’t mean every street is safe for your car. especially when it comes to leaving your car parked overnight.

If you’re a Lexus owner, we can safely assume you’re protective of your car. and no one wants his or her car to be broken into, but it’s especially catastrophic when it’s a beautiful Lexus. A luxury car is like your baby. At Kuni Lexus of Portland, we know we’re like overprotective parents carefully watching over every single vehicle in our lot.

Even in this mostly peaceful city where petty crimes are the primary concern, it’s worth taking precautions and learning where not to park to protect your car and its contents. Did you know theft from auto – aka vehicle break-ins – is one of the most common crimes in Portland?

Portland maps.Com quotes theft from auto as “the unlawful taking of motor vehicle contents or parts.”

On top of that, portland has a decent amount of vehicle thefts every year, though the number is barely a fraction compared to break-ins.

Always remember to lock your vehicle and, if you have the option, opt for a vehicle with reliable anti-theft technology. Below, we’ll detail the bulk of portland’s most popular neighborhoods and which areas have a history of vehicle crimes:


For the most part, vehicle crimes decrease the further you head from the Pearl. It’s especially true with NW Portland. Although the number of auto break-ins are significantly less than Downtown Portland, there is a higher frequency of these crimes from NW 20th to right near I-405. Stay clear of parking on the street here for extended periods of time.

Unfortunately, vehicle theft seems to happen around Nob Hill more often than other areas of Portland. In 2014, there seemed to be a hotspot for vehicle theft from around NW Everett to NW Johnson, just west of I-405. Just lock your vehicle up overnight – there are plenty of garages in the area.


Hawthorne has a little bit of everything us Portlanders love about this city – cozy coffee shops, cute vintage stores, and some of the best food trucks in the state. Luckily, although it’s a popular area, the crime rate is pretty low. Don’t get us wrong – it’s still present – but the number of yearly car break-ins is limited.

In quieter residential areas like Ladd’s Addition, there were barely any vehicle crimes reported in 2014. Between Stark and Hawthorne, especially in the Belmont area, auto break-ins and vehicle thefts do occur, but we’re looking at less than 20 incidents a year. As you head west towards downtown – especially between 12th and the Willamette – the numbers increase.


BE CAREFUL. There are tons of reported vehicle break-ins close into Downtown Portland, right in the industrial area spanning from the Hawthorne bridge to the Burnside bridge.

Although the number of unlawful vehicle entries did not exceed the number in downtown, it’s still risky to leave your car unattended there. If you’ve ever been in the area, you can see that it’s somewhat sketchy.

Use your best judgment!

The areas under the bridges to downtown are fraught with all sorts of crime and vehicular crime is no exception. Vehicle theft is not something to worry about, but there are hundreds of reported car break-ins each year.


Beautiful and green, Irvington is a lovely neighborhood that’s very safe. In 2014, there were less than 10 vehicle break-ins reported, and vehicle theft is really just not something that happens with any sort of regularity.

But watch out as you head near the Lloyd Center. It’s a densely packed area that attracts all sorts, and vehicle crimes spike the closer you get the remarkable NE shopping center. Although you’re fine parking during the day if you want to shop around at the department stores, we recommend not parking your car overnight in any of those lots – it’s a hotbed for vehicle break-ins.


If you’re planning on spending some quality time at the quaint dive bars and consignment shops in this North Portland neighborhood, exercise caution when parking your luxury car for an extended period of time.

The area has a pretty sizable auto break-in problem, especially in the more industrial areas near I-5. There’s a hotbed of criminal activity between Skidmore and Freemont, and we would definitely suggest refraining from parking your Lexus overnight in these areas.


Home to a nice mix of locals and college students attending one of the many higher ed institutions of Portland, Sellwood is a moderately safe neighborhood as far as vehicle crimes go. Auto break-ins happen from time to time, but there is a concentrated area – around 17th ave – that sees a lot more vehicle break-ins than any other.

Sellwood is also one of the only neighborhoods where vehicle theft is a problem. Between 10-15 cars were taken last year near the storefronts on Tacoma near 15th avenue. If possible, try to park your luxury car on private property, but if that’s not an option, odds are your Lexus will be okay.

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